A description? I don't really need one. My name's Nina. You either like my blog orrr ya don't... But I hope you do (;

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She’s cheer cheerer and I’m on the sit sits

Lol. The bottom is my favorite

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Cheeeese please

Cheeeese please

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I’d really like to just be cuddlin with my man right about now. I could probably actually fall asleep in his arms instead being so restless over cigarettes.

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And when you called me sobbing that you had taken too many pills i screamed at you for hours even after you hung up and i called 911 and even after your mom told me youd be fine in a couple days because i thought if i screamed loud enough and cried big enough tears maybe you would realize that you didn’t have to be all alone you had me right there but instead you stopped talking to me because you were all too busy but you never seemed to remember to call me back later so now here i am sobbing because i’ve taken too many pills and before i would have called you but now i know you never would of screamed my name you would have told me you were busy and you’d call me back later well maybe i should call just so you can realize that sometimes later is too late because this time later i will be gone I found this in my notebook from the night i overdosed (via kindoftiredd)

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